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Ashram Routine

There is a very peaceful atmosphere in the ashram. It sits right next to the holy river Ganges. It has a nice garden that lies between the main hall and the river.

The ashram routine is pretty simple. Except for on Sundays, there are no special classes or courses. Paramhansa Yogananda's disciples usually follow his bi-weekly lessons via regular post, so the study is done at home. The ashram is mainly a place for contemplation and meditation.

The daily schedule includes twice a day a one-hour group meditation session that starts with the energization exercises that Yoganandaji introduced in his lessons. On Thursdays, there is a long meditation session and on Sundays a satsang (spiritual gathering) and a lesson class.

You might want to take that into consideration whenever you decide to visit the ashram. If possible I would recommend you to visit the ashram on a Sunday when there are more activities.

I would also recommend you contact the ashram in advance in case there are any special programs that you might like to join.

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