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please note you may do the pilgrimage from Kolkata-Dakshineswar to neighbouring Serampore OR Serampore to Kolkata-Dakshineswar)


Baptist Missionary Society, Beniapukur, Kolkata.- A suggested place to stay.


4 Garpar Road, Kolkata



YSS Garpar Road centre in Bhattacharya Lane
(Yogoda Satsanga Sakha Kendra- Garpar)
Visiting Hours 
All days: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



Tulsi Bose Shrine
39, Raja Dinendra St, Yogi Para, Garpar, Machuabazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700009, India
P: +91 98303 77600.
Arrange a visit



50 Amherst Street Kolkata

P: +91 98303 77600.
Tulsi Bose Shrine, 39, Raja Dinendra St, Yogi Para, Garpar, Machuabazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700009, India
You are welcome to come and take seclusion in this shrine.



Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Dakshineswar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700076, India



Yogoda Satsanga Math
21, UN Mukherjee Rd, near Sarada Math, Dakshineswar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700076, India

Paramahansa Yogananda uncles Serampore
3rd 'A' Cross 1st Main Road Paramahansa Yogananda Road, 3rd A Cross Rd, 2nd Stage, Domlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071, India

98458 49632
94487 83403


Sri Yukteswar’s Hermitage
3A, Buro Bibi Ln, Serampore, West Bengal 712201, India


Babaji at the Banyan tree Rai ghat

A few minute’s walk from Sri Yukteswarji’s Ashram -Rai Ghat lane (3A Buro Bibi Lane).
Google maps
Go towards the Ganga is Rai Ghat, including the Banyan tree, where Babaji gave darshan to Sri Yukteswar.


Panthi boarding house

In walking distance is the remains of the Panthi boarding house for students. Where Paramahansa Yogananda lived while studying at Serampore College.


Scottish church college

1 & 3, Urquhart Square, Manicktala, Azad Hind Bag, Kolkata, West Bengal 700006, India


Serampore College
8, William Carey Sarani, Maniktala, Serampore, West Bengal 712201, India


How to Reach Dakshineswar
By Rail
Kolkata has two major Railway Stations, Howrah and Sealdah.
Howrah is well linked to other major cities, including Delhi (1450 km), Mumbai (1970 km), Chennai (1660 km) etc. Dakshineswar is 15-20 km from Howrah. The most convenient way is to take a pre-paid taxi from outside Howrah station and ask for Sharada math in Dakshineswar (about Rs 200/-) YSS ashram is about 200 metres from the Sharada Math.
A cheaper alternative is to take the local train to Uttarpara and cross the Hoogly by ferry. The ashram is about 10 minutes walk from the ghat.
Saeldah is the terminus for some trains from the North, the North East and Suburban local trains. Dakshineswar is about 14 km on the Sealdah- Dankuni line. The ashram is about 1 km from the Dakshineswar railway station. Cycle rickshaws/three wheelers are freely available.
Metro Station nearby is Shymbazar.


By Air
The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport at DumDum connects Kolkata to several cities in India and abroad. Dakshineswar is about 15 km away. Pre paid taxis are available for about Rs 200/-. Please ask for Yogoda in Ariadaha near Sharada Math in Dakshineswar.




How to reach Serampore from Yogoda Satsanga Math

You can get at the ashram reception (or by phone) all the information that you might need to visit Serampore. They actually recommend you to always contact them directly to organize in advance any visit to the ashram, to Serampore or to Paramahansa Yogananda's house in Kolkata.

You can find the ashram contact details below.

It takes about one hour to reach Serampore from the ashram. Every site of interest like Sri Yukteswar's temple and Rhai Ghat are very close to each other, just walking distance. So you can take your time to meditate and enjoy each place.

These are the instructions that I had to follow to return from Serampore to Yogoda Math. I think it's the same way to go from the ashram to Serampore.

Go to the Serampore train station and take a train to Uttarpara. 5 rupees, 4 stations, 12 minutes.
From Uttarpara take a cycle rickshaw to the Uttarpara Ferry Ghat. 25 rupees.
From Uttarpara Ferry Ghat take the ferry to Ariadaha Ferry Ghat. 3 rupees.
From Ariadaha Ferry Ghat walk to Yogoda Math.

Yogoda Satsanga Math contact information

Yogoda Satsanga Math
21, U. N. Mukherjee Road, Dakshineswar,
Kolkata 700 076
Phone: +91 332 564 5931, +91 332 564 6208
Website: Yogoda Satsanga Math Dakshineswar
Google Maps Link


How to reach Dakshineswar by bus from Kolkata

I took bus #34 from the Esplanade Bus Terminus (next to Durgapur Bus Terminal) near New Market to Ariadaha (Dakshineswar). The ride is about one hour and thirty minutes.

Once you reach Dakshineswar you can take a cycle rickshaw to get to Yogoda Satsanga Math, which is about 1 km. from the train station.

The cycle rickshaw ride to the ashram was about 15 minutes and I had to pay something like 20 rupees. The rickshaw will normally drop you right in front of the ashram, if he knows where it is.

You can also reach Dakshineswar by train or by taxi. It might actually be easier by train so I would recommend you contact the ashram in advance to get some help.

For more information, you can read on their website: How to Reach Dakshineswar


Other ashrams to visit in India

If you are a devotee of Yoganandaji then I also recommend you to consider visiting Yogoda Satsanga Sakha Ashram in Dwarahat.  This is a beautiful ashram founded by Sri Daya Mata, not far away from Babaji's cave.

Of course, if you make it to Dwarahat you should definitely visit Babaji's cave in Kukuchina.

For more ashrams around India, you can visit my Guide to Ashrams in India.  This is a list of all the ashrams I have personally visited during my yoga journey.


Useful travel tips

Don't forget to check my detailed packing list for India before you start your trip, just to make sure you bring everything you might need.

I hope you've found this post useful to plan your visit to Yogoda Satsanga Math in Kolkata. Please feel free to share your thoughts or additional tips in the comments below.

And don't forget to include in your plan a  visit to Dakshineswar temple, Belur Math and Serampore.

Following the footsteps of Master. A short pilgrimage: Kolkata-Dakshineswar to neighbouring Serampore. YSS Garpar - Tulsi Bose Shrine - 50 Amherst St - Kali Temple - Yogoda Satsanga Math - Anandalok - Sri Yukteswar’s Hermitage - Babaji at the Banyan tree Rai ghat - Panthi boarding house - Scottish church & Serampore college and more ...

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